Day 30 (last day) of my Weight Loss Challenge

My Before and After Photos… all done through healthy eating a serious work out plan.














The final video from this challenge… but as I said in the video this is not the end of my journey.




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18 Responses to Day 30 (last day) of my Weight Loss Challenge

  1. Sylvia says:

    Wow Becks you look absolutely stunning, very well done with what you have achieved, as I have said before you are such an inspiration to everyone. XX

  2. Sian Roberts says:

    WOW Becks LOOK at that waist!!!! I have been following you in my own little effort to improve my habits and shape. Although I have a busy life I have managed to try and focus on using more resistance in everyday activities and in my zumba, I am not particularly over weight but have lost 4lb and an inch on waist and 3.4 inch on hips… happy. Am going to continue!

    Love Sian x

  3. muriel says:

    Great job on meeting your challenge goals. It does so much good for you. I m truly happy for you:).

  4. Lorraine Thomas says:

    Well done Becks, you’ve done amazing and more important you have been inspirational to all others that have followed you during your 30 day challenge x

  5. Stephanie Millard says:

    becks you look great keep up the good work. x

  6. Raina says:

    well done and huge congratulations on what you have achieved in such a short space of time.
    You have been such as inspiration & motivator to so many people. You have kept me going through a rough journey and I know the light will soon be shining at the end of my tunnel.
    It is so easy to give in and use any excuse we can find, I could have very easily told myself that I have the answer to why it’s going to be more difficult to loose weight (but it will NOT stop me from loosing weight) I could have just said Ok whatever resorted to bad eating habits, lack of physicaly activty and blamed my medical condition when my weight went up but what would I have achieved from that? well I’ll tell you, I would have been more withdrawn, depressed, uncomforatble in my clothes, embaressed about my body and about how I looked and put myself at even higher risk of heart disease and Diabetes!!
    I too have learnt so much from this short journey and like you Im not giving up doing what I know to be the best for my physical, mental & spiritual health.
    There will be good days, brilliant days, bad days and down right nasty days but each day is a new fresh new start! x

  7. Lisa says:

    Wow Becks, an inspiration. You look amazing.
    I like the 80/20 rule, it is like our Slimming World theory of if you have 7 flowers in a vase (representative of the 7 days of the week) if one wilts do you through the rest of the flowers away. Sometimes people slip off the wagon but don’t write the rest of the week away. I think this has helped me with my weight loss knowing occasionally it is ok to give in to a little temptation.
    Love your enthusiasm, you are a truly wonderful person. xx

  8. Dawn says:

    Well done Becks! What fabulous results.

  9. Lisa McKain says:

    Well done Becks, you look fantastic

  10. Shok Out Admin says:

    Thank you Lisa. xxx

  11. Shok Out Admin says:

    I’m so pleased Dawn, thank you. xxx

  12. Shok Out Admin says:

    Well done to you too Lisa. Thank you xxx

  13. Shok Out Admin says:

    :-) Raina. I am glad I can help to inspire you. You don’t come across as a person who gives up easily though. Please keep going and I will be there to support you the whole way. xxx

  14. Shok Out Admin says:

    :-) Thank you Stephanie. xxx

  15. Shok Out Admin says:

    :-) Thank you Muriel. I still have a way to go but I am happy where I am right now. xxx

  16. Shok Out Admin says:

    :-) Thank you Sylvia. xxx

  17. Shok Out Admin says:

    Isn’t it great to be happy with your body? Thank you for taking the time to send me this message Sian. xxx

  18. Shok Out Admin says:

    :-) Thank you Lorraine. xxx

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