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Taken from our ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ fitness event

Shok Out Dance Fitness provides you with fun fitness classes – simple!

With Zumba Fitness and Boxing Dance Fitness Fitness  classes in Streetly, Sutton Coldfield. the classes are a popular choice for dance fitness lovers in Birmingham.

The classes get people to dance to fabulous music, eat healthily, lose weight, tone their bodies,  look and feel beautiful and feeling on top of the world! We want every single man, woman and child to experience the pleasurable benefits of being fit and healthy in a fun way.


The term ‘Shock Out’ in Jamaican culture means ‘to party hard’. For many Jamaicans, if you are shocking out, you are losing yourself in the blazin’ music, having a crazy fun time, happily dancing and enjoying yourself without a care in the world. We believe that when you are shocking out, you are truly living in the moment, being yourself, letting go of inhibitions and experiencing life’s happiness at its purest.


Shok Out Dance Fitness is a brand that specialises primarily in dance fitness. In order to motivate and inspire our clients we make sure that every single session reflects our mission statement by ensuring that in every class clients are: challenged, have fun, are motivated and are welcomed regardless of their differences (i.e. size, level of fitness, etc…).

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