Online Dance Boot Camp Video with Becks & Friends


After years of people asking me ‘ When are you going to make a video so I can workout with you at home?’, I have finally done it!

I am so proud to present to you this Online Dance Boot Camp video.

Only £8.99  (approximately $14.33)

SONY DSCSo what is Dance Boot Camp and will I like it? I hear you ask. Well it’s very simple. In 2012 I qualified as a boot camp fitness instructor. Standard Boot Camp is a hardcore workout which mixes traditional exercises (like press ups and stuff) to form a High Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT). This is where you exercise in short bursts and then rest before repeating the process several times.


Now, this is all well and good but since my main fitness genre is dance fitness, I knew most of my clients would not favour this as a regular form of exercise (and that’s putting it lightly), as they enjoyed the fun of a dance and fitness class and do not like traditional exercise – especially the type that will make your muscles cry!


Therefore, I decided to add a dance element to it, so we still got our cardio workout and fun but at regular intervals I injected some resistance exercises too! Plus it was still a form of HIIT workout.


Kelly, Me (Becks) & Donna with our post work out glows!

So this video was about hooking up with a couple of fitness friends: Donna & Kelly and making it available online so that you can access it anywhere in the world so long as you have access to the Internet.


You do this video 3 times a week and eat sensibly; I can tell you that you will see results and fast! There really is no excuse not to get this now. Why? Because:


  • It lasts only 30 minutes
  • You can do it in private whether that be in your bedroom, living room, in a hotel room or even on the beach!
  • HIIT workouts are scientifically proven to burn calories long after your workout
  • You will have fun with the dance moves
  • If you do this regularly you will a serious amount of  lose weight (with sensible eating)
  • It’s inexpensive. Once, you’ve bought access to the video, it’s yours for life!
  • You will visibly notice your body tone up in a matter of weeks!

So what are you waiting for? Access to the video only costs £8.99. Once you have purchased the video, you will be sent a link within 24 hours, then it is yours forever and are free to let loose!

Only £8.99 (approximately $14.33)

SONY DSC390865_335209189906614_1158214380_n

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