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About Me (Rebbecca Hemmings)

So who am I? Well, I am someone that has always led an active lifestyle. I’ve always loved to dance whether that has been on stage, in the club or just in front of my bedroom mirror. I have had the pleasure of leading a wonderful varied life. I started out my gaining a degree in theatre which led me to running my own theatre and performing arts companies over a span of 12 years. In between that time I have also been a radio presenter, worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company, been a dance troop leader, I’ve run a cleaning company, a children’s entertainment company, a cultural awareness business, I’ve travelled the world, I’ve been nominated for awards, appeared in various magazines due to my entrepreneurial work and blah blah blah!


Let me not bore you with the details. The point is, I have always made it my mission to continually work towards being happy, challenging myself and controlling my own destiny. So when I put on a significant amount of weight in 2008 you best believe I came crashing down with a huge bump (pun intended)! It had a massive effect on my confidence levels! For those of you who have lost overall confidence and self-esteem you know how damaging this can be to your entire life. I started not wanting to go out. I wouldn’t take photographs (being an actress, I had never been shy of the camera), I didn’t care much for the clothes I wore. I was not in a good place. Everything suffered: my work, my finances, my self-image, my relationships but most of all my drive.

Fat chrimbo


So what changed?  Well, a friend of mine had been asking me go to a Zumba class for a while but I wasn’t interested (even though I’d seen the ads on TV and it looked appealing). Finally, one day I decided to go just to see what all the fuss was about. Let me just cut a long story short: from the first track I was hooked! I was whooping and hollering like a crazed Beyonce fan backstage.


As soon as I got home I decided there and then that I wanted to teach Zumba. All the courses in the UK were sold out (such was its popularity) so I scraped some money together and I went to Holland and gained my certificate.


At Zumba Zest 2011, I led a Zumba Toning class

At Zumba Zest 2011, I led a Zumba Toning class


Presenting on Stage at the Twickenham Zumbathon 2011

Presenting on Stage at the Twickenham Zumbathon 2011


My Zumba master class in Leon, France. 2012

My Zumba master class in Leon, France. 2012


I had decided pretty early on that I didn’t want to be just a Zumba instructor but I wanted to be a fitness professional that travelled the world teaching and learning, I wanted to share the happiness I had rediscovered in dance and fitness with hundreds and thousands of people. So I did. I became a fitness presenter quite quickly. And guess what? The more and more I did, the more weight I lost and my confidence levels started to return.  Happy days!

One of the massive benefits of becoming a Zumba instructor is that I have now become a fitness professional. I have gained my fitness instructor’s qualification in Exercise to Music, I am a trained Bootcamp and Fightklub instructor, Zumba Tonig and Zumbatomics (Zumba for children). I have also founded a few of my own programs such as SO Dancehall Fitness and Dance Bootcamp. I have made my own workout DVDs and written books including: 50 Ways to Lose 10lbs in 10 days!


The weight loss battle is far from over. At the time of writing this, I have a 3 month year old daughter. Whilst I didn’t pig out during pregnancy, I didn’t make myself feel guilty for eating foods that I wouldn’t normally. I wasn’t allowed to exercise as I had a high risk pregnancy. I gained 4 stones (60 pounds). To date I have lost 2 stones (30lbs) but I still have a way to go. But let me tell you something, I am so up for the challenge! 

Leading a SO Dancehall master class whilst pregnant

Leading a SO Dancehall master class whilst pregnant

If you need to change your life like I did (and still do), whether to increase your confidence levels, lose weight, tone up or just even finding time to be yourself there is something for you here. If you in or around Birmingham you can join a fitness class in Great Barr or Sutton Coldfield. If live somewhere else in the UK maybe I’ll be in a town near you soon delivering a workshop (or you can book me for one. Email: becky4theatre@gmail.com). If you are elsewhere, that’s fine, get yourself a copy of my workout video or one of my books. There is something for everyone and trust me the stuff will keep coming.

So in a nutshell that is me. I’d love to hear about you and your health and fitness stories, write to me at: becky4theatre@gmail.com and with your permission I will share your journeys with others. It’s all about inspiring one another to be happy and content with who we are.


What others say…


“The first time I went to Beck’s Zumba class I snuck in the back and hid. I had agreed to go with friends to see what all the fuss was about but I fully expected to feel self-conscious because I always believed I have no rhythm. I did not think I’d love it. As soon as Becks greeted the class I started to relax and by the end of the first track I was hooked. Fast forward 2 years and I am happy to dance at the front of a crowd. Becks has an infectious positivity and a way of putting people at ease. She has helped me to feel more positive about myself and my abilities, through Zumba, So Sexy Slimming and through her YouTube musings and social media. When I try to explain Becks to people who haven’t met her I tell them she is a real force for good in the world- radiating joy and love and inspiring people to make positive changes. I am glad to know her.”

E. Cartwright

“Since knowing you you have been a constant inspiration. Your posts on facebook of all the things you do tire and inspire (tire as in i’d be exhausted) and wonder at your energy, zest and enthusiasm. You live an inspiring life that I enjoy being able to observe and sometimes take part in.”

H. Gibson


“You are truly amazing… Always smiling and gave me the motivation to push myself harder… A truly inspirational person….”

D. Bennett

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